Book-Headers - Header Kevin Sampsell I Made An Accident

New Release: I Made an Accident

Published on :

In 2014, after the release of his debut novel, celebrated writer and visionary publisher Kevin Sampsell switched gears and turned to a new creative obsession: making collage art.  Initially influenced by the wild cutup language of William S. Burroughs, Sampsell soon discovered countless modern collagists that inspired him to take […]

Book-Headers - Header John Langan Mr Gaunt

Mr. Gaunt and Other Uneasy Encounters

Published on :

From award-nominated writer John Langan comes a collection of uneasy meetings. A frustrated professor and his graduate student assistant accompany a group of soldiers to a remote Scottish island to learn what is buried there. A man plays an audiotape left for him by his late father and is initiated […]

Book-Headers - Header Peter Caffrey Cock A Voodoo Doo

New Release: Cock-A-Voodoo-Doo

Published on :

Cock-A-Voodoo-Doo (and Other Twisted Love Stories) combines three novelettes from Peter Caffrey, author of The God of Wanking, Dog Food, and countless other titles. Caffrey blends absurdism, horror, and bizarro with dark humor and a modicum of filth. Cock-A-Voodoo-Doo Based on a true story! It happened in 1970, in an […]

Book-Headers - Header Hi Ziege The Life and Times of Hieronymus Aloysis Ziege

The Life and Times of Hieronymus Aloysis Ziege

Published on :

You think you know the Lewis and Clark expedition, but you don’t. Hi Ziege is a man who thought he was wasting his life until he discovered that he could do so much more by joining the Discovery Corps from such a nameless place as La Charrette. Everything that Lewis […]

Book-Headers - Header M Shaw One Hand to Hold One Hand to Carve

Out Now: One Hand to Hold, One Hand to Carve

Published on :

Two halves of a human cadaver awaken on a cold morgue slab. The two distinct personalities, Left and Right, remember nothing of their previous life as a singular body. Bound by necessity to carve out an existence on the fringes of society, the two brothers have very different ideas of […]

Book-Headers - Header MHP Employee Handbook

Madness Heart Press Employee Handbook: You Serve Us Now

Published on :

You have what every man, woman, and sentient rock wants: a job in publishing. And not just any job in publishing. A career working for the incredible and sometimes quite insane giant of publishing and paper-related war crimes, Madness Heart Press.First, congratulations. Second, you have before you an opportunity, an […]

Book-Headers - Header Lindsay Lerman What Are You

New Release: What Are You

Published on :

Radically imaginative and intense, challenging language to be slow and fast, soft and hard, drunk and sober, What Are You performs its own destruction and recreation. Hypnotic, dreamlike, lyrical essays tell the story of a woman trapped in a destructive love affair with the universe. Her understanding of power, desire, […]

Book-Headers - Header Erin Slaughter The Sorrow Festival

Out Now: The Sorrow Festival

Published on :

This collection of poetry interrogates the impact of grief and partner violence on a family lineage, as well as the connections between sorrow and joy as they relate to poetry, women’s writing, and the process of the “confessional.” Inextricably woven into these investigations of various types of grief is the […]

Book-Headers - Header Hugo Camacho and Leigham Shardlow Koalas In Smoke

Support the Cause: Bizarro Collection for the Environment

Published on :

Bizarro fiction authors of all identities from ten different countries over 4 continents team up in this eclectic collection of flash, short fiction, and poems in order to raise funds for Australian wildlife. Some of them are funny or absurd, others experimental or heart-gripping, but most of them land fiercely […]

Book-Headers - Header MHP Nafallen University 2022 2023 Course Catalog

Nafallen University 2022-2023 Course Catalog

Published on :

Established in 1613 by academic and occult pioneer, as well as failed vintner, Fenrick Oglebutt, through trans-chronological fallacies and a lust for knowledge, Nafallen University has become one of the foremost centers of learning on all matters from the mundane to the mythic. Located in beautifully desiccated Crisp, Texas, Nafallen […]

Book-Headers - Header Leo X Robertson Weird Fauna of the Multiverse

Out Now: Weird Fauna of the Multiverse

Published on :

Koalita, Mon Amour It’s Gimp Week at Venus’ main attraction, Ecofallopialand, where human-impersonating animals and animal-impersonating humans alike can play together – so long as there is no “fraternizing” between species. Unfortunately for Sir, a human gimp, he becomes mesmerized by one of the park’s koalas. When he attempts to […]

System-Images - Word Horde Emporium

Word Horde Emporium of the Weird & Fantastic 2.0

Published on :

A man. A dream. A drive. Ross E Lockhart, already the editor-in-chief of Word Horde, took the leap into a brick-and-mortar operation. In the middle of a pandemic. Because you don’t know what life will throw at you, so don’t delay your aspirations. So we’re jumping in, opening our retail […]

Book-Headers - Header Lorraine Tosiello and Jane Cavolina The Bee and The Fly

The Bee & The Fly: The Improbable Correspondence of Louisa May Alcott & Emily Dickinson

Published on :

The Bee and the Fly: The Improbable Correspondence of Louisa May Alcott and Emily Dickinson presents a lifelong exchange of unknown letters between Dickinson, the reclusive poet, and Alcott, the most renowned author of the time.  What could Alcott say to Dickinson about abolitionism and women’s rights? What might Dickinson […]

Book-Headers - Header Dean Swinford Death Metal Epic Book III Sinister Synthesizer

Death Metal Epic

Published on :

The anticipated conclusion of the Death Metal Epic trilogy arrives with Book Three: Sinister Synthesizer. Death Metal Epic, Book One: The Inverted Katabasis (2013) and Death Metal Epic, Book Two: Goat Song Sacrifice (2017) follows David Fosberg playing guitar in Valhalla. But don’t worry: this is no jukebox hero saga […]

Book-Headers - Header Scott Nicolay And At My Back I Always Hear

Out Now: And at My Back I Always Hear

Published on :

From World Fantasy Award-winning author Scott Nicolay comes And at My Back I Always Hear, a new collection of eight tales of the macabre and the uncanny. “[Nicolay’s] perspective is always outsider-identified, entirely concerned with characters who refuse to settle, both literally and figuratively; his protagonists often hover on a […]

Book-Headers - Header Maria Abrams The Doctors Demons

Out Now: The Doctor’s Demons

Published on :

Child psychiatrist Hannah Cohen thought she could handle difficult cases. But medical school never prepared her for Elena. Nor the demon that’s possessing her.  Hannah finds a way to rid Elena of her demon, but not without a price. Years later, Hannah has grown comfortable exorcising the demons of her patients. […]

Book-Headers - Header Kevin Shamel Porn Land

New Release: Porn Land

Published on :

OH, NO, PORN IS ILLEGAL! That’s right. Porn stars are criminals, pornographic websites are being systematically destroyed, and not even softcore or selfies are okay. And that’s just in our world. It’s literally destroying the magick city of sexual expression – PORN LAND! Phil and Zed, arriving through magickal means […]

Book-Headers - Header Stephanie Valente Internet Girlfriend

Out Now: Internet Girlfriend

Published on :

56k dial-up. Ouija boards. Crushes. Internet Girlfriend explores the intersection of the internet, the occult, and sexuality. These poems mirror the abyss: divination, web camming, myth, instant messages, queerness, witchcraft—all in the name of trying to feel something. “In Valente’s debut book, Internet Girlfriend, we go on enchanting dates with […]

Book-Headers - Header Adrian Ernesto Cepeda We Are The Ones Possessed

New Release: We Are the Ones Possessed

Published on :

From CLASH Books, Adrian Ernesto Cepeda’s celebrated poetry collection We Are the Ones Possessed is out now. Listed at #1 on Lit Reactor’s 10 Dark Recommendations for National Poetry Month 2022. “The “little death” of orgasm isn’t so small after all in Adrian Ernesto Cepeda’s We Are the Ones Possessed. […]

Book-Headers - Header Douglas Hackle The Ballad of Terror Tiny Tim

The Ballad of TERROR TINY TIM and Other Tales of Unkindness

Published on :

In a world where the letter “r” has yet to be discovered, a man named Han Solo and a man named You-Don’t-Have-To-Be-Lonely-At-Farmers-Only-Dot-Com must face something old and evil that lurks behind a locked door in the suburban basement-dungeon in which they are imprisoned… To impress a girl, a unicycle-riding, cask-of-amontillado-drinking […]

Book-Headers - Header Madeleine Swann The Sharp End of the Rainbow

The Sharp End of the Rainbow

Published on :

The stories you’ll find at The Sharp End of the Rainbow will transport you to a dystopian wonderland full of bizarre characters who engage in even more bizarre antics. These stories will make you laugh, cry, and gag-but more importantly, they show humanity in the face of the truly absurd, […]

Book-Headers - Header Andersen Prunty Dreaditation

New Release: Dreaditation

Published on :

From Grindhouse Press comes Andersen Prunty’s newest book. Dreaditation is a grotesquely absurd horror comedy exploring the limits of excess, deprivation, hack pop philosophy, belief, and tolerance. Here’s the rundown… Who will become enlightened and what will be left of them? Scott Champion knows the meaning of life. And his […]