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Curse of the Ratman is a novella of revenge, broken promises, and giant monsters by Jay Wilburn. Something terrible feeds in the Carolina woods. The Render family is going to pay for not keeping their promises to it. A storm is coming and an imaginable monster is coming with it.

A family curse comes on with a vengeance, rampaging across the southeast, leaving a swath of devastation that can only be explained as a natural disaster. To call it an act of God would be to beg the question of what sort of God would allow such a monstrosity to exist.

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Curse of The Ratman by Jay Wilburn

“The intense pacing of Wilburn’s tale propels us forward even as we want to turn back, knowing that nothing good can come of what he’s racing us toward.”


Jay Wilburn is an author of horror and speculative fiction that lives in coastal South Carolina near Myrtle Beach. He is doing very well following a life-saving kidney transplant. He taught public school for sixteen years before becoming a full-time writer. His signature series is the Dead Song Legend Dodecology and for younger readers, The Lake Scatter Wood Tales. Follow his many musings @AmongTheZombies on Twitter, the Jay Wilburn author page on Facebook, and at Jay Wilburn has a lot of original content on his Patreon page including a serial vampire novel and more. Or catch him streaming live on Twitch.

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