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You have what every man, woman, and sentient rock wants: a job in publishing. And not just any job in publishing. A career working for the incredible and sometimes quite insane giant of publishing and paper-related war crimes,

Madness Heart Press.
First, congratulations. Second, you have before you an opportunity, an opportunity to excel, to flourish, to ride humanity like the writhing lust-filled lover you always knew it to be. But this career path is laden with pitfalls, with hazards; and only the most observant and diligent of MHP employees will make it to the ascension of the 401k.

Herein lies the advice from the officers and managers of Madness Heart Press. A guide for always succeeding. A map for avoiding the myriad and deadly dangers of the office workplace. Keep it safe, keep it hidden, keep it on your person at all times.

Welcome, to Madness Heart Press.

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Anthology from Madness Heart Press

This book is part of a series of parody reference books and living guides, collecting some of the best in bizarro and surrealist horror.

Introduction from the Prophet—Jeff Strand
A Word from our President—John Baltisberger
Employee Standards of Professional Conduct—Andrew Hilbert
Company Business Attire Guidelines—Michael Allen Rose
Office Safety—Lemons Clemons
Security Awareness—Douglas Ford
Crisis Management—Max Booth III
Conflict Resolution—Jay Wilburn
Sexual Harassment & Guidance Policy—Nikolas Robinson & Lucas Mangum
Health and Wellness—Christine Morgan
Payroll/Vacation—Susan Snyder
Employee Benefits—Jeremy Megargee
Disciplinary Procedures—Charles R. Bernard

Grab your copy and obey. Direct from Madness Heart Press or via Amazon.

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