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A family’s Halloween haunted house becomes a conduit to something ancient and uncanny; a young man’s effigy of a movie monster becomes instrumental in his defense against a bully; a family diminishes while visiting a seaside town, leaving only one to remember what changed; a father explores a mysterious tower, and the monster imprisoned within; a man mourning the death of his father travels to his father’s hometown, seeking closure, but finds himself beset by dreams of mythic bargains and a primeval, corpse-eating titan.

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Corpsemouth by John Langan

John Langan, author of the Bram Stoker Award-winning novel The Fisherman, returns with ten new tales of cosmic horror in Corpsemouth and Other Autobiographies. In these stories, he continues to chart the course of 21st-century weird fiction, from the unfamiliar to the familial, the unfathomably distant to the intimate.

No one is writing short fiction like John Langan. No one.
Corpsemouth and Other Autobiographies is filled with stories that are dread-inducing, touching, cosmic and weird, and as the title would suggest, autobiographical. Langan pours himself into each story and the efforts are stronger for it. From black oceans to possessed Halloween haunted houses to kaijus and mythical monsters, Corpsemouth has it all and John Langan is firing on all cylinders.

-Brennan LaFaro

Includes extensive story notes and an introduction by Sarah Langan. Cover art by Matthew Jaffe and cover design by Scott R. Jones

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