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The stories you’ll find at The Sharp End of the Rainbow will transport you to a dystopian wonderland full of bizarre characters who engage in even more bizarre antics. These stories will make you laugh, cry, and gag-but more importantly, they show humanity in the face of the truly absurd, and act as a mirror to the world around us.

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The Sharp End of the Rainbow by Madeleine Swann

“Madeleine Swann writes the kinds of stories that expose the grotesqueries behind all the cute and cuddly Disneyfied facades. Punchy. Dark. Hilarious. Sharp End of the Rainbow will cut you like a scalpel. You’ll bleed out while reading this and thank her for it in the end.”

– Danger Slater, author of Puppet Skin

“A dazzling storm of bizarre daydreams and nightmares. Swann is an expert surrealist, and she yanks just the right cryptic nerves to check if they’ll flinch. Sometimes playful, other times shocking, these are stories of worlds and people twisted in their odd logic, much like our own, much like us.”

– Hailey Piper, author of The Worm and His Kings

Madeleine Swann’s novella, The Vine That Ate The Starlet, was published by Filthy Loot. Her collection, Fortune Box (Eraserhead Press), was nominated for a Wonderland Award. Her short stories have appeared in various anthologies and podcasts including Splatterpunk Award-nominated The New Flesh: A David Cronenberg Tribute.

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