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New Release: Moonfellows

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There seems to be nothing short of acclaim for Wonderland Award-winning author Danger Slater’s most recent novel, Moonfellows, from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. There’s no science to be found in this book, but I didn’t order a science book. I ordered a bizarro tale about the true-ish history of the […]


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by Amber Fallon “We are the weirdos, mister.” – The Craft, 1996 Last year, I signed a contract with Eraserhead Press to publish my first bizarro book! As a longtime fan of a huge number of the books they’ve put out, as soon as I was given the go ahead […]

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Flash Fiction Friday: 2015 New Bizarro Authors, Pt. 1

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For this week and the next two Flash Fiction Friday will exhibit excerpts of The New Bizarro Author Series for 2015. The doors exploded open, neon pinks, purples and blues bursting onto the streets and the skin of those waiting. The others cheered, but Tilli remained quietly determined. A rainbow […]

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Bizarro Breaking News: Crocallo found in Thailand!

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by Tracy Vanity SISAKET:– Locals in Sisaket province believe they are in for a serious amount of good fortune following the discovery of a strange, and so far unidentified creature. The animal, which looks to be covered in large scales, with a long crocodile like head, also appears to have […]

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Twisted Tuesdays: 6 Halloween Mood Videos!

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by Tracy Vanity It’s September Bizarros! That means it’s time to get serious with the Halloween spirit. So grab your pumpkin spice dildos and get ready! If this music video of Tim Curry dressed as an 80’s vampire and channeling David Bowie doesn’t put you in the Halloween mood, nothing will! […]

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Flash Fiction Friday: Legends of Cement

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by Alex S. Johnson Durwood peered down, his toes itching, the rash spreading across his choirboy features like the trail of a strawberry torch. He gasped. Grandpa was in the sidewalk once again. How did he get there? What perfidious psychopaths had made him stand still for the bucket, the […]

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Twisted Tuesdays: A Tour Through Wat Saen Suk (Hell Garden)

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by Tracy Vanity Buddhist Hell is a real place and you can visit several of them throughout Thailand. In a previous post, I took you through a Buddhist hell I stumbled across randomly while on a road trip in Khon Kaen. These hells are within Buddhist temples and are a reminder […]

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Halloween Chaos Countdown: Your Weekend 6 Halloween Song Playlist With a Bizarro Photoblast Accompaniment!

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by Tracy Vanity Behold! A collection of horror songs to help you while doing something spooky and debaucherous during your first weekend of October! Texas Chainsaw 3D Mash-Up Do you have any favorite spooky songs? Please share them so I can add them to my ever expanding Halloween YouTube mix and future […]

Flash-Fiction-Friday - FF-The-Coyote-The-Witch-and-The-Ugly-Woman

Flash Fiction Friday: The Coyote, The Witch, and The Ugly Woman

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by Bill Berry OPENING Three artists: a poet, a singer, and a painter. They each moved to a village. In the village, the singer sang songs. In the village, the painter painted. In the village, the poet was poetic. One day, the poet spoke: I hate writing about these things. […]

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The Tea House: Visualizing the Dream Part 1

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by Spike Marlowe Today is brought to you by hot salted caramel cider. We’re going to perform an exercise: Close your eyes and completely relax your body, from head to toe. Now, in your mind’s eye, visualize where you’d like to be in your artistic life one year from now. […]

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Weird Art Month: Adrian Borda

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By Sam Reeve Adrian Borda’s art is kinda a mixed bag. There’s some beautiful fantasy stuff that’s nice and all, but the real gold is the terrifying and surreal subjects with huge lips à la Jackie Stallone. Seriously, this is what nightmares are made of. Visit Adrian’s website here to […]

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New Bizarro Author Series #26: The Cheat Code for God Mode by Andy de Fonseca

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by J.W. Wargo (NOTE: After reading the title of this post, you might be asking yourself, “HEY! Where’s the 25 NBAS book reviews that came before this one??” If you are interested in reading my reviews of all the previous books in this series (including a review of my own […]