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Koalita, Mon Amour

It’s Gimp Week at Venus’ main attraction, Ecofallopialand, where human-impersonating animals and animal-impersonating humans alike can play together – so long as there is no “fraternizing” between species. Unfortunately for Sir, a human gimp, he becomes mesmerized by one of the park’s koalas. When he attempts to pursue her, he is soon drawn into the battle between the purebred animal supremacy of the park’s hippo owner and the anti-establishmentarian koala uprising. “Koalita, Mon Amour” is a story of love against all odds and boundaries of human decency.

Dinosaurs of the CyberVatican

In a godless future, the former Vatican is tethered to the end of a space elevator, where it whips around Earth. Now a major hotspot for sex tourism, its seductive nunbots attract the patronage of Xakrin, a rich Martian traveler who seeks to use the nunbots to contact his deceased wife. However, when he discovers a dead priest in the streets, he begins to investigate the weird plot of the city’s head cyberpope.

Everybody Wants to Save Supermammal City

Hugh, Pete, and Geoff are supercats that spend their days responding to rescue calls across Supermammal City. But they’re not the only ones: the city is packed with supermammals, and there aren’t enough rescues to go around. When Hugh decides to do something drastic and devious to resolve this crisis, he changes the industry forever. Everybody Wants to Save Supermammal City explores what happens to love and work when supercats try to succeed in a highly competitive job market.

The stories of Weird Fauna of the Multiverse explore what happens to love and work when pushed beyond the boundaries of human decency.

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Weird Fauna of the Multiverse by Leo X. Robertson

“Silly, weird, a lot of fun and with more Koala orgies than you can shake a stick at.”

— Madeleine Swann, author of The Sharp End of the Rainbow and Fortune Box

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