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From CLASH Books, Adrian Ernesto Cepeda’s celebrated poetry collection We Are the Ones Possessed is out now. Listed at #1 on Lit Reactor’s 10 Dark Recommendations for National Poetry Month 2022.

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We Are the Ones Possessed by Adrian Ernesto Cepeda

“The “little death” of orgasm isn’t so small after all in Adrian Ernesto Cepeda’s We Are the Ones Possessed. With the historical awareness of a cento and the contemporality of a soundbite, Cepeda explores the knotted entanglement of poetry’s two age-old obsessions–sex and death–with an eye toward tying the knot tighter rather than separating terror from pleasure. “Waiting under the mistletoe with a knife,” this book rubs romance against bare mortality until the two fuse inextricably–a marriage too often relegated to the realms of erotica and gore. Cepeda reminds us, such a union is the home of poets, where horror and desire cuddle up together, swap spit, and let the boundary between them blur.”

Dylan Krieger, author of Soft-Focus Slaughterhouse

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