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From Grindhouse Press comes Andersen Prunty’s newest book. Dreaditation is a grotesquely absurd horror comedy exploring the limits of excess, deprivation, hack pop philosophy, belief, and tolerance. Here’s the rundown…

Who will become enlightened and what will be left of them?

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Dreaditation by Andersen Prunty

Scott Champion knows the meaning of life. And his life is great. He has everything a guy like him could want: a beautiful wife, a precocious daughter, a nice house in the perfect location, a great paying job that’s so easy he doesn’t even know what he really does, and a trust fund to help with his long-term goals. If he has a problem, it’s other people, not himself. He’s as surprised as anyone when he downloads the world’s most popular meditation app and actually starts using it. He’s even more surprised when his wife notices the results. She begins using the app too. It isn’t long before they are receiving threatening and accusatory notifications from the app. When the app’s founder and guru shows up at their house, Scott thinks this is going too far. Nevertheless, he and his wife find themselves on a plane headed to a spiritual retreat hosted by the app. The retreat is not at all what Scott thinks he is paying for and it isn’t long before he’s reverting to his past behaviors. As the retreat becomes more sinister than enlightening, one thing becomes clear: Scott Champion is a winner and he will do so at any cost. Even if he’s at a spiritual retreat.

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