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New Release: Dreaditation

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From Grindhouse Press comes Andersen Prunty’s newest book. Dreaditation is a grotesquely absurd horror comedy exploring the limits of excess, deprivation, hack pop philosophy, belief, and tolerance. Here’s the rundown… Who will become enlightened and what will be left of them? Scott Champion knows the meaning of life. And his […]

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Bodies Wrapped in Plastic and Other Items of Interest

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Libbie Milligan is stuck. She works a dead-end job at a motel, tends to her agoraphobic mother, and tries not to think about her sister’s murder from sixteen years ago. When a mysterious woman shows up to work at the motel, she befriends Libbie and turns her world upside down. […]


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by Amber Fallon “We are the weirdos, mister.” – The Craft, 1996 Last year, I signed a contract with Eraserhead Press to publish my first bizarro book! As a longtime fan of a huge number of the books they’ve put out, as soon as I was given the go ahead […]

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Preorder Now: All Monster Action & Kill Your Neighbor

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Lots of great books are coming out this fall, and here are two you should go ahead and buy ahead of time… All Monster Action “Fuck, I wish I thought of that. . .” —Guillermo del Toro, director of PACIFIC RIM and PAN’S LABYRINTH, after being accosted in the Iliad […]

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New Release: This Town Needs a Monster

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Bathos! Crippling ennui! Mind-numbing drudgery! Brad Renfield is a white, middle-aged, lower middle class, Midwestern man stuck in Gethsemane, Ohio. Most of his friends have either died or moved away and his one remaining friend is so depressed he’s on the brink of suicide. Brad hasn’t really given much thought […]

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Show Me Your Shelves: CV Hunt and Andersen Prunty

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by Gabino Iglesias You want to talk about talented duos? It doesn’t get better than these two. Seriously. Andersen Prunty is one of my favorite authors, an editor/publisher whose taste I agree with and whose work ethic I admire, and a man I got to “study” for an author spotlight […]