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A man. A dream. A drive. Ross E Lockhart, already the editor-in-chief of Word Horde, took the leap into a brick-and-mortar operation. In the middle of a pandemic. Because you don’t know what life will throw at you, so don’t delay your aspirations.

So we’re jumping in, opening our retail store at a ridiculous time, and filling it with things that amuse us, objects that complement the Word Horde philosophy and aesthetic. Products inspired by the fiction we love, spooky stuff, gifts for geeks and goths and anyone else who enjoys the darker side of life.

We’ll have tools for writers, and some for wrongers. Role playing games, board games, and tarot. Books from presses large and small, a highly curated selection of weird, fantastic, and speculative fiction from a wide variety of amazing authors. Curiosities, jewelry, stickers, and so much more.

-Ross E. Lockhart

Word Horde Emporium grew and had the opportunity to relocate in June 2022. Moving a business is a massive undertaking at the best of times. Unfortunately, just as keys were being acquired, Lockhart spent nearly a month in hospital. Fortunately, Word Horde has created a community and garnered goodwill from across the globe. A GoFundMe was created to help manage expenses. Their goal is $10,000 and donations started pouring in. Additionally, there is a virtual tip jar hosted on the Emporium website. We here at Bizarro Central urge you to contribute in any amount you can, or if your financial situation prohibits you signal boost the link to their page.

If you ever find yourself in the bay area, visit them at Petaluma Village Premium Outlets beginning in June.

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