Book-Headers - Header Lisa Goddard Delicious Dishes For You And Your Dog

CLASH Books: Delicious Dishes for You and Your Dog

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Delicious Dishes for You and Your Dog brings you over 40 recipes carefully crafted to omit dog-toxic ingredients while maximizing flavor to satisfy all your taste buds. Shake up mealtime by making something special for the whole family – including your canine loved ones!  Lisa Goddard, along with the help of her […]

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Soft Targets Book Release Party

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“I already knew Carson Winter was one of the best newer writers of the Weird, but with SOFT TARGETS my admiration and expectations of his work have skyrocketed. Read this book.” Jon Padgett, author of The Secret of Ventriloquism Join New Weird Horror publisher Tenebrous Press and author Carson Winter […]

How-I-Weird - TSPTV TheSlowPoisoner

The Slow Poisoner Show Episode 1: Tentacle Spectacles

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Tentacle Wrestling! Fuzzy Robots! Giant Flowers! Haunted Books! It’s all in the first episode of The Slow Poisoner Show, a fifteen-minute free streaming video that combines the creepiness of a late-night horror host with the kookiness of an early-morning kids’ show, plus a twist of anti-budget public access weirdness. “Tentacle […]

Book-Headers - Header Lauren Badillo Milici Sad Sexy Catholic

New Release: Sad Sexy Catholic

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In this intimate collection of poetry, spells are cast, hearts are broken, and prayers go unanswered. Sad Sexy Catholic follows the journey of a young twenty-something as she navigates the already difficult task of existing made even harder by trauma, body dysmorphia, a personality disorder, and leftover guilt from a […]

Book-Headers - Header Ben Fitts My Birth and Other Regrets

Available for Pre-Order: My Birth and Other Regrets

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Welcome to a world where the irrational and unexpected is just a way of life, and normality is reserved to be nothing more than a perpetuation of victimization… A House in the sky – Existence amongst human statues – A decomposing corpse in a water-cubed desert – Mysterious conversations with […]

Book-Headers - Header Justin Hunter Crab Lust

Out Now: Crab Lust

Published on :

February just got a little hotter under the shell! Hunter returns to the LUST series after ruffling our feathers with all of them chickens. Now the CRABS are pinching. These hard-shell anti-poetry romps flip the sandcastles upside down and take you not just to the beach, but into the mind […]

Book-Headers - Header Michael Allen Rose Last 5 Minutes of the Human Race

New Release: Last 5 Minutes of the Human Race

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I saw the last five minutes of the human race, and it was beautiful. In this apocalyptic alphabet primer, award-winning author Michael Allen Rose teams up with famed Bizarro artist Jim Agpalza to walk through the end of humanity one letter at a time. Beautifully illustrated and powerfully written, this […]

Book-Headers - Header Cody Goodfellow Perfect Union

Cody Goodfellow’s Perfect Union

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SOMETHING IN THE WOODS IS CALLING YOU. IT WANTS TO CHANGE YOU…PERFECT YOU. PRAY IT KILLS YOU FIRST. Three brothers searching the wilderness for their mother instead find a utopian cult that seeks to reinvent society, family…humanity “PERFECT UNION is Cronenberg’s THE FLY on a grand scale: human/insect gene-spliced body […]

Book-Headers - Header Michael Chang Almanac of Useless Talents

Out Now: Almanac of Useless Talents

Published on :

Fence poetry editor and rising star Michael Chang’s Almanac of Useless Talents is a must-read for poetry lovers and newbies alike. This is a useless Almanac. There’s no seasonal data, only poems good for leaving the club in haute couture with mid-level poets, for ambiguous sex, mouthy seductions, shoulder-turns of […]

Book-Headers - Header Marston Hefner High School Romance

New Release: High School Romance

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In his debut collection, Marston Hefner brings a unique voice and playful style to meditations on self-acceptance, the folly of youth, and how love can lead to actualization and destruction. Through moments of family intimacy, work presentations, vacations, doomed relationships, or businessmen chasing the ephemeral, Hefner shows we are lovable […]

Book-Headers - Header Michael Seidlinger Anybody Home

Anybody Home?

Published on :

What came first, the home or the desire to invade?  A seasoned invader with multiple home invasions under their belt recounts their dark victories while offering tutelage to a new generation of ambitious home invaders eager to make their mark on the annals of criminal history. From initial canvasing to home entry, […]

Book-Headers - Header Janice Lee Separation Anxiety

Out Now: Separation Anxiety

Published on :

A complex and entangled text that explores inherited trauma, the presence of ghosts, interspecies communication, the dream world, grief, and human/animal separation. Weaving wisdom from her shamanic practice and the interstices of language and in the difficult moments anticipating the deaths of her beloved dog companions, Separation Anxiety marks the first collection […]

Book-Headers - Header Carlton Mellick III The Girl with the Barbed Wire Hair

Available for Preorder: The Girl with the Barbed Wire Hair

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From the author of Cannibals of Candyland and The Terrible Thing That Happens, comes a depraved love story inspired by Japanese cult horror films such as Ringu and Ju-on: the Grudge. The newest entry to the Carlton Mellick III canon is to release on October, 18th 2022. “Bizarre, twisted, and […]

Book-Headers - Header Kourtnea Hogan Consume

Out Now: Consume

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First-time author Kourtnea Hogan delivers a stunning coming-of-age story with CONSUME. Tegan is a fragile teenager who feels invisible around her other classmates, until Rileigh walks into her life and quickly becomes the object of Tegan’s affections. Soon, affection becomes an obsession, and Tegan’s insecurities begin to manifest in unhealthy […]

Book-Headers - Header Danger Slater Moonfellows

New Release: Moonfellows

Published on :

There seems to be nothing short of acclaim for Wonderland Award-winning author Danger Slater’s most recent novel, Moonfellows, from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. There’s no science to be found in this book, but I didn’t order a science book. I ordered a bizarro tale about the true-ish history of the […]

Book-Headers - Header Brendan Vidito Pornography for the End of the World

Available for Pre-Order: Pornography for the End of the World

Published on :

Wierd Punk Books brings us Brendan Vidito’s next masterpiece scheduled for July 31st, 2022. The Wonderland-Award-winning author of Nightmares in Ecstasy unleashes nine new tales of apocalyptic body horror in Pornography for the End of the World. A young man is initiated into a cult that worships sickness and disease. Survivors of […]

Book-Headers - Header Betty Rocksteady Soft Places

Available for Pre-Order: Soft Places

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Soft Places is a novella / graphic novel hybrid from the mind and hands of Betty Rocksteady. Recommended for mature audiences. Set to be unleashed on October 25, 2022. Ghoulish Books, from the good people at Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, are sweetening the deal for those ready to line up. […]

Book-Headers - Header Kevin Sampsell I Made An Accident

New Release: I Made an Accident

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In 2014, after the release of his debut novel, celebrated writer and visionary publisher Kevin Sampsell switched gears and turned to a new creative obsession: making collage art.  Initially influenced by the wild cutup language of William S. Burroughs, Sampsell soon discovered countless modern collagists that inspired him to take […]

Book-Headers - Header John Langan Mr Gaunt

Mr. Gaunt and Other Uneasy Encounters

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From award-nominated writer John Langan comes a collection of uneasy meetings. A frustrated professor and his graduate student assistant accompany a group of soldiers to a remote Scottish island to learn what is buried there. A man plays an audiotape left for him by his late father and is initiated […]

Book-Headers - Header Peter Caffrey Cock A Voodoo Doo

New Release: Cock-A-Voodoo-Doo

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Cock-A-Voodoo-Doo (and Other Twisted Love Stories) combines three novelettes from Peter Caffrey, author of The God of Wanking, Dog Food, and countless other titles. Caffrey blends absurdism, horror, and bizarro with dark humor and a modicum of filth. Cock-A-Voodoo-Doo Based on a true story! It happened in 1970, in an […]