Book-Headers - Header Leo X Robertson Weird Fauna of the Multiverse

Out Now: Weird Fauna of the Multiverse

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Koalita, Mon Amour It’s Gimp Week at Venus’ main attraction, Ecofallopialand, where human-impersonating animals and animal-impersonating humans alike can play together – so long as there is no “fraternizing” between species. Unfortunately for Sir, a human gimp, he becomes mesmerized by one of the park’s koalas. When he attempts to […]

Book-Headers - Header Kevin Shamel Porn Land

New Release: Porn Land

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OH, NO, PORN IS ILLEGAL! That’s right. Porn stars are criminals, pornographic websites are being systematically destroyed, and not even softcore or selfies are okay. And that’s just in our world. It’s literally destroying the magick city of sexual expression – PORN LAND! Phil and Zed, arriving through magickal means […]