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A man gets a ticket to a popular gameshow and is willing to risk life and limb to go home with the prize.
A family tries to survive in a world where gravity is reversed and explosive balloon animals rule the streets.

A new epidemic hits the world. People are spontaneously erupting into mounds of steel coils, but after years, the kids are growing restless. Will they be able to survive a secret outing outside of their safehouse?

A young girl born to supervillains feels out of place among her family and peers. Upon discovering a dastardly plot to cause widespread catastrophe, will she defy her family and save the planet?

Ebola Saves the Planet! and Other Wholesome Tales is a collection of eleven wild tales from the mind of Matthew A. Clarke with eleven detailed illustrations.

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Ebola Saves the Planet by Matthew A. Clarke

“For me, this is probably my favorite book that Clarke has written. Every story here was fantastic! If you enjoy bizarro, you definitely need to read this book.”

-Diana Richie (Indie Book Addict)

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