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In the spirit of the shot-on-video horror of the 80s, Meat Photo is a transgressive, absurd horror comedy and the love child of Andersen Prunty and C.V. Hunt. Meat photos are the hottest trend. Everyone has one or is willing to do anything to get one. It’s all anyone can talk about on social media.

Grab your meat photo.
Wear it like a mask.
Join the Great Migration to the local Dollar General.

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Meat Photo by C.V. Hunt and Andersen Prunty

“Brilliant bizarro fiction. I’d use Meat Photo as an example of satire in my senior English class if I wouldn’t be immediately arrested and likely permanently added to a registered offenders list.”

-Rebecca Rowland, author of Shadowy Natures

C.V. Hunt lives in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and is the author of RITUALISTIC HUMAN SACRIFICE, BABY HATER, COCKBLOCK, HALLOWEEN FIEND, and several other books. C.V. Hunt is also the owner of Grindhouse Press. Andersen Prunty is the author of several novels, novellas, and short stories. He lives in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

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