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Wonderland Award Winners 2023

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This year saw the long-awaited return of Bizarro Con to its full glory. Bizarros from all corners made the trek to Portland, Oregon to attend workshops and panels, perform readings, make merry, form bonds, and crush the competition during the Ultimate Bizarro Showdown. Most of all, to celebrate the best […]

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The Slow Poisoner Show Episode 1: Tentacle Spectacles

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Tentacle Wrestling! Fuzzy Robots! Giant Flowers! Haunted Books! It’s all in the first episode of The Slow Poisoner Show, a fifteen-minute free streaming video that combines the creepiness of a late-night horror host with the kookiness of an early-morning kids’ show, plus a twist of anti-budget public access weirdness. “Tentacle […]

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New Release: Last 5 Minutes of the Human Race

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I saw the last five minutes of the human race, and it was beautiful. In this apocalyptic alphabet primer, award-winning author Michael Allen Rose teams up with famed Bizarro artist Jim Agpalza to walk through the end of humanity one letter at a time. Beautifully illustrated and powerfully written, this […]

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Out Now: One Hand to Hold, One Hand to Carve

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Two halves of a human cadaver awaken on a cold morgue slab. The two distinct personalities, Left and Right, remember nothing of their previous life as a singular body. Bound by necessity to carve out an existence on the fringes of society, the two brothers have very different ideas of […]

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Flash Fiction Friday: Dollar Pizza

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by: Ben Fitts I was excited to be back in New York City. I had grown up there and always thought I would end up living my whole life in the city, but the four years I planned to spend in New England for college had into stretched nine and […]