Book-Headers - Header Kourtnea Hogan Consume

Out Now: Consume

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First-time author Kourtnea Hogan delivers a stunning coming-of-age story with CONSUME. Tegan is a fragile teenager who feels invisible around her other classmates, until Rileigh walks into her life and quickly becomes the object of Tegan’s affections. Soon, affection becomes an obsession, and Tegan’s insecurities begin to manifest in unhealthy […]

Book-Headers - Header Hi Ziege The Life and Times of Hieronymus Aloysis Ziege

The Life and Times of Hieronymus Aloysis Ziege

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You think you know the Lewis and Clark expedition, but you don’t. Hi Ziege is a man who thought he was wasting his life until he discovered that he could do so much more by joining the Discovery Corps from such a nameless place as La Charrette. Everything that Lewis […]

Book-Headers - Header Ronald J Murray Lost Letters to a Lovers Carcass

Out Now: Lost Letters to a Lover’s Carcass

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SHOULD YOUR CARCASS REANIMATE, I’LL SLIT ITS THROAT AGAIN. Lost Letters to a Lover’s Carcass is an infected wound where puss seeps out between sutures. As a “spiritual sequel” to Cries to Kill the Corpse Flower, this collection is partly blind pining for dead, false love once given by a monster that […]

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Excerpt: The Church of Latter Day Eugenics

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by Chris Kelso and Tom Bradley (illustrated by Nick Paterson). Coming soon from Bizarro Pulp Press is THE CHURCH OF LATTER DAY EUGENICS, written by Chris Kelso and Tom Bradley with illustrations by Nick Paterson. It’s weird, it’s literary, and according to John Skipp, “Kelso and Bradley make it rain, […]

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New Release: Girl in the Glass Planet

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Girl in the Glass Planet is an aural cyberpunk fantasy where the Pied Piper meets Franz Kafka in a labyrinth of glass tunnels and grotesque alien insects. Follow Cyberia (the girl in the glass planet) as she joins Darko, Basho, and the Shinkai in hunting down Zatoichi (a god-like creature […]

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New Release: More Bizarro Than Bizarro

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Bizarro Pulp Press presents… A showcase of the written word that represents the best of the weird and the grotesque; More Bizarro Than Bizarro is a gallery of the strange and unusual, including possibly-dead detectives, a beer-head invasion, some especially delicious cookies, the dream of Jackie Kennedy, and of course, […]

Book-Headers - Header-Jordan-Krall-Beyond-the-Great-Bloody-Bruised-and-Silent-Veil-of-this-World.jpg

New Release: Beyond the Great, Bloody, Bruised, and Silent Veil of This World

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Available on Amazon: the latest from Jordan Krall! Find yourself on a starship as it lumbers across the desert. Find yourself on a train looking out at the stars, the earth a blue marble in the infinite black abyss behind you. Find yourself overdosing on narcotics in a bathtub at […]

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New Release: Cartoons in the Suicide Forest

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Leza Cantoral has a new story collection from Bizarro Pulp Press! Get it here! “Lyrical and perverse, like a prostitute on acid in a poetry slam, this collection of the dark, erotic, and bizarre flirts with the heroin fever dreams of a William Burroughs and the horrific surrealism of Charlee […]