ERASERHEAD PRESS –  Since 1999, the Portland-based company Eraserhead Press has been a leading publisher of weird cult fiction and was one of the three founding presses of the bizarro fiction genre. The company has launched the careers of several bizarro fiction authors, such as Carlton Mellick III, Mykle Hansen, Jeff Burk, Chris Genoa, and many more. Editor-in-chief: Rose O’Keefe

DEADITE PRESS – The cult horror imprint of Eraserhead Press, publishing hardcore horror by Edward Lee, Brian Keene, J F Gonzalez, Shane McKenzie, and Wrath James White, as well as bizarro horror by Robert Devereaux, David Agranoff, Andre Duza, and Dave Brockie of GWAR. Editor-in-chief: Jeff Burk

FUNGASM PRESS – Making friends, one sexy book at a time, since 2016. John Skipp’s boutique imprint of Eraserhead Press. Featuring unique, idiosyncratic voices and stories from the minds of authors such as Danger Slater, Laura Lee Bahr, Autumn Christian, and Devora Gray. Editor-in-chief: John Skipp

GRINDHOUSE PRESS – Publisher of cult horror, bizarro, and general sleaze, including authors such as Andersen Prunty, Gina Ranalli, John Wayne Comunale, and William Pauley III. Editor-in-chief: C.V. Hunt

ATLATL PRESS – Midwest publisher of offbeat fiction, including authors such as C.V. Hunt, Kirk Jones, Justin Grimbol, and Dean Swinford. Editor-in-chief: Andersen Prunty

PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINE PUBLISHING – Based in San Antonio, Texas their primary focus are works found in the horror and crime fiction genres. Titles have gone on to receive recognition from the Bram Stoker Awards, This is Horror, and the Splatterpunk Awards. Parent company of Dark Moon Digest. Editors-in-chief: Lori Michelle and Max Booth III

MADNESS HEART PRESS – Established in 2019, “Where Southern Hospitality Meets Mind Shredding Insanity” you’ll find authors and works that won’t be published elsewhere. Splatterpunk, Extreme Horror, Bizarro, Poetry, and even stage plays. Their goal is to publish the things they love regardless of commercial viability. Editor-in-chief: John Baltisberger

CLASH – Where high and low art meet to make something fresh, new, and exciting. Their goal is to publish awesome and engaging books that transcend labels and break boundaries. Publishing the books that are too good to be ignored, that the bigger presses are too risk-averse to publish. “We put the lit in literary.” Editor-in-chief: Leza Cantoral

ROOSTER REPUBLIC PRESS – “The Sovereign State of Fiction” goes beyond books to bring you weird video games and multimedia projects. As of 2019, Strangehouse Books publishes horror and cult fiction exclusively by women. Crawl inside the minds of AJ Stone, Sara Tantlinger, and Bradley Sands. Editors-in-chief: Don Noble and Nicholas Day.

SECTION 31 PRODUCTIONS – Exploring extreme horror, bizarro, comedy, and non-fiction – each release is designed to directly confront the audience with the thrilling, uncomfortable, obscene, hilarious, and fascinating truths and fantasies of the world around them. Editor-in-chief: Jeff Burk

ORCINY PRESS – Publisher of Spanish-language bizarro. Spearheading the movement with both translations of familiar stories and unique latin voices, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. Editor-in-chief: Hugo Camacho Cabeza

PLANET BIZARRO PRESS – Established at the close of 2021, when humanity needed a break from reality. Devoted entirely to the core of bizarro to bring stories, metaphors, and themes steeped in weird to the masses. Editor-in-chief: Matthew A. Clarke

TENEBROUS PRESS – Aims to drag the malleable horror genre into newer, weirder territory with stories that are incisive, provocative, intelligent, and terrifying; delivered by voices diverse and unsung. Editors: Matt Blairstone and Alex Woodroe

MALARKEY BOOKS – Not bound by genre, style, or investors. Writers publishing books that don’t fit the ever-narrowing mold of the Big 4 model. Editors: Yousef K. Allouzi, DeMisty D. Bellinger, Alan Good, and Monica Wang.

WHISKEY TIT – Attempts to restore degradation and degeneracy to the literary arts. Unwilling to sacrifice intellectual rigour, unrelenting playfulness, and visual beauty, often leading to texts that would otherwise be abandoned in a homogenized literary landscape. In a world gone mad, refusal to make this sacrifice is an act of civil service and civil disobedience alike. Editor: Miette Gillette

HYBRID SEQUENCE MEDIA – A diverse publisher focused on poetry, story collections, novellas, novels and writing in all its glorious forms, founded in 2020. Founder/CEO: Donald Armfield

WEIRD PUNK BOOKS – Too alienating for most. Home for the others. These Books Kill Fascists | This Press Runs on Spicy Pickles & High Life. Established in Minneapolis, 2014. Editor-in-chief: Sam Richard

RAW DOG SCREAMING PRESS – One of the three founding presses of the bizarro fiction genre, publishing horror and experimental fiction as well as bizarro. Boasting Bram Stoker Award-Winning author Lee Murray, among D. Harlan Wilson, Jeremy Shipp, Eckhard Gerdes, and John Edward Lawson.

THE NEW BIZARRO AUTHOR SERIES– Eraserhead’s imprint for introducing fresh new voices to the bizarro fiction audience, selected and edited by Garrett Cook. Originally released in annual batches, as of 2018 the series of books will be released on a bi-monthly basis throughout the year.

THE EVIL COOKIE – Chaotic publishing house structured to specialize in creating high-quality, gore-infested, fast-paced novels/novellas and anthologies including some of the best writers in the industry. Editor-in-chief: K. Trap Jones

BIZARRO PULP PRESS – An independent publisher of weird fiction, spawned from nightmarish minds in January 2013. Celebrating established authors and new voices such as Nicholas Day, Emma Alice Johnson, Brian Auspice, and Leza Cantoral. Editor-in-chief: Vincenzo Bilof

WORD HORDE – Founded on the idea that great stories should be given every opportunity to find the right audience. When you work with the most talented creators available, you cannot help but create great art. Authors: Christine Morgan, David Peak, and Nadia Bulkin. Editor-in-chief: Ross Lockhart

KING SHOT PRESS –  Headquartered in Portland, Oregon (with satellite offices in Glyfada, Greece) King Shot is a small publisher of radical books operated by a ragtag crew of misfits. Touting such authors as Violet Le Voit, Cody Goodfellow, and Forrest Armstrong. Editors-in-chief: Michael Kazepis and Tiffany Scandal

THICKE & VANEY BOOKS – Publishing every genre as long as it has that certain je ne sais quoi. Seeking works that are strange, odd, and unacceptable but still reek of literature’s fine taint.

PERMUTED PRESS –  Industry-leading independent publisher of sci-fi, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, and horror fiction.

POTTER’S GROVE PRESS – Putting your work on display, exposing yourself, can be a daunting and terrifying proposition, but your words have value. There is someone, somewhere, waiting desperately to hear what you have to say. Editor-in-chief: River Dixon

EVERY DAY FICTION – Canadian flash fiction magazine founded in 2007 and published by Every Day Publishing Ltd. Publishes a variety of flash fiction, including bizarro fiction and many other genres.

FREAKY MAGAZINE – is a way-out collection of weirdo comics, kooky gags, and surreal collage. 52 printed pages of bizarre humor by contributors with bent brains, in the tradition of mags of yore like PLOP, CRACKED, and ZAP. Editor-in-chief: Andrew “The Slow Poisoner” Goldfarb

BREAKROOM STORIES – Audio journal publishing bizarro & bizarro adjacent works.


SWALLOWDOWN PRESS – Another Portland-based bizarro press, Swallowdown publishes stylish bizarro fiction from authors such as Jeremy Robert Johnson, Cody Goodfellow, J. David Osborne, Forrest Armstrong, and others

LAZY FASCIST PRESS – Portland-based publisher of bizarro, offbeat literature, and monstrous, unclassifiable texts. Publishing authors such as Blake Butler, Stephen Graham Jones, Kris Saknussemm, Sam Pink, Alan M. Clark, Nick Antosca, and others.

BROKEN RIVER BOOKS – Blending the innovative and the pulp, the crime and the weird. “A Broken River Book is like a really comfortable chair covered in a DMT fractal pattern fabric, shaped like a platypus.” Gabino Iglesias, David James Keaton, and William Boyle make for an impressive roster of authors. Editor-in-chief: J David Osborne

CIVIL COPING MECHANISMS – Now a part of The Accomplices consortium, CCM is a continuously expanding selection of innovative literature and poetry. Authors: Kirsten Alene, Kyle Muntz, Nick Antosca. Editor-in-chief: Michael Seidlinger

AFTERBIRTH BOOKS– The now-defunct Afterbirth Books was one of the three founding publishers of the bizarro fiction genre. They helped a lot of new talented writers get their start, including Gina Ranalli, Bruce Taylor, Bradley Sands, Kevin Dole 2, and Ray Fracolossy. A selection of their titles are still available in print.

VOODOO PRESS – Publisher of German-language bizarro, horror, mystery, apocalypse, and sci-fi. Founded in Austria in 2008, and moved operations to Malta in 2014. Editors-in-chief: Michael and Evelyn Preissl

OMNIUM GATHERUM – Brought to you by Kate Jonez, this Bram Stoker Award-winning press was rich in dark fantasy, weird fiction, and horror. Bizarro authors on their roster included Chris Kelso, Chris Meekings, and Michael Allen Rose.

CARRION BLUE 555 – Small press specializing in anthologies, including the 555 series, which has a very special quirk: 11 authors with 55 stories of 55 words each. Editor-in-chief: Joseph Bouthiette Jr.

SPUNK GOBLIN – Eraserhead’s imprint for bizarro children’s books.

SHARK VS. BADGER – Eraserhead’s imprint for bizarro comic books.

AVANT PUNK BOOKS – Eraserhead’s imprint for publishing books to be included in Carlton Mellick III’s Avant Punk Book Club.

DOG HORN PUBLISHING – UK-based press that publishes cross-genre, slipstream, bizarro, postmodern, surreal, illustrated, experimental, punky, spunky, collaged madness.

SINISTER GRIN PRESS –  A publishing company that puts out books that freak, horrify, terrify, petrify, appall, shock, startle, stun, dismay, and in general scare the pants off of people; mostly themselves.

MORBIDBOOKS – Bizarro. Splatterpunk. Tortureporn. Horror. Madness.

LEGUMEMAN – Australian Press specializing in bizarro, helmed by Matthew Revert.

COPELAND VALLEY PRESS – Dedicated to publishing offbeat fiction and non-fiction of impeccable quality.

BLACK RAINBOWS PRESS – A publishing company that puts out books that freak, horrify, terrify, petrify, appall, shock, startle, stun, dismay, and in general scare the pants off of people; mostly themselves.

PSYCHEDELIC HORROR PRESS – Psychedelic Horror Press is exclusively devoted to publishing a new genre entitled psychedelic horror; however, we are also open to publishing art-house horror, bizarro, and transgressive experimental fiction. We are especially fond of visual/textual spiral narratives.

THE MAGAZINE OF BIZARRO FICTION – Magazine which featured prominent bizarro fiction authors, artists, and personalities, new fiction, and interviews.

BUST DOWN THE DOOR and EAT ALL THE CHICKENS – Journal of absurd and surreal fiction.