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Silver City is not the kind of place you’d want to be with no recollection of who or what you are. Especially if you happen to find yourself naked in a pig barn, with a fresh bullet hole in your forehead.

Suffocated with overwhelming anger and seemingly superhuman strength, the dead man sets out to discover who is responsible, why he was targeted, and what the speckled gunk sealing his wounds is. Gangsters, police, and freakish creatures that dwell in the depths of the silver mines, the entire city is working to bring him down.

Dead Hard is a brutally bizarre tale of revolution and redemption from the author of Sons of Sorrow.

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Dead Hard by Matthew A. Clarke

This was an enjoyable read. Action? Check. Mystery? Check. Gore? Check. Clarke always does a wonderful job pulling the reader in from the start with his gripping storyline. The pace was great! Every detail shared moved the story along and gave a better understanding of what really happened to Benjamin Hard. A brilliant story of revenge served with a side of justice.

-Diana Richie, Indie Book Addict

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