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First-time author Kourtnea Hogan delivers a stunning coming-of-age story with CONSUME. Tegan is a fragile teenager who feels invisible around her other classmates, until Rileigh walks into her life and quickly becomes the object of Tegan’s affections. Soon, affection becomes an obsession, and Tegan’s insecurities begin to manifest in unhealthy eating habits. What started out as harmless teenage yearning crosses over into full-on body horror and Tegan doesn’t just want to be with Rileigh, Tegan wants Rileigh to be a part of her. Tegan’s need to consume grows beyond her control, and nothing and no one will stand between her and what she wants.

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Consume by Kourtnea Hogan

“CONSUME is a heart-wrenching examination of self-worth that climaxes with a show-stopping 3rd act that goes full bore into some truly wild body horror.”

– Nicholas Day, author of Grind Your Bones to Dust

“A grim spiral of honest body horror that’s full of surprises. Kourtnea Hogan leads you across a teenage wasteland, lulling you in with tenderness before shocking you out of your skin.”

– Hailey Piper, author of Queen of Teeth

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