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In this intimate collection of poetry, spells are cast, hearts are broken, and prayers go unanswered.

Sad Sexy Catholic follows the journey of a young twenty-something as she navigates the already difficult task of existing made even harder by trauma, body dysmorphia, a personality disorder, and leftover guilt from a religious upbringing. The speaker in these poems strives to find softness, even in the darkest of moments.

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Sad Sexy Catholic by Lauren Badillo Milici

“Without the darkness or fucked up experiences, none of these poems would be beautiful or relatable. Milici transforms pain into poetry better than any other writer that’s come to print in this decade.”

– Mallory Smart, Maudlin House

“These scathing poems build upon the tenants of confessional and synthesize them with modern horror metaphor, inventing a new feminist paradigm for our time.”

– Mark Cugini, Big Lucks Books

Lauren Milici is a Jersey-born, Florida-raised poet and writer currently based in the Midwest. She is the author of FINAL GIRL from Big Lucks Books. When she isn’t crafting sad poems about sex, she’s either writing or shouting into the void about film, TV, and all things pop culture.

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