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There seems to be nothing short of acclaim for Wonderland Award-winning author Danger Slater’s most recent novel, Moonfellows, from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.

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There’s no science to be found in this book, but I didn’t order a science book. I ordered a bizarro tale about the true-ish history of the first moon landing. And it did not disappoint. Danger’s mastery of mixing humor and the bizarre/horrific is only rivaled by his ability to gross you out and make you feel for characters all at once. Under the ridiculousness lies another beautiful story of what it means to be human and what it means to be alone.

James Sabata, Author of Fat Camp

Steve Stred gave a glowing review on his website. Read the whole article here.

The ending to this book is sweet, sublime and so, so beautiful. It’s an odd thing to think and even to type, especially when you think back to the slugs and the craziness and the explosions and betrayals. But it shows just how attuned Slater is to the storyline that weaves its way through the weirdness and keeps the book grounded in emotions.

– Steve Stred, Moonfellows Book Review
Barnes and Noble in Bowling Green, KY

If your local B&N buyer hasn’t ordered Moonfellows tell them to quit sleeping on it, and the buyer from Bowling Green, Kentucky is cooler than they are.

Danger Slater sat down with Max Booth III of Ghoulish Podcast. In this episode, he discusses the moon, rockets, science bitches, the first people who ever had sex on the moon, digging holes, short story anthologies, and blasting corpses into space.

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