Book-Headers - Header Michael Allen Rose Last 5 Minutes of the Human Race

I saw the last five minutes of the human race, and it was beautiful.

In this apocalyptic alphabet primer, award-winning author Michael Allen Rose teams up with famed Bizarro artist Jim Agpalza to walk through the end of humanity one letter at a time. Beautifully illustrated and powerfully written, this primer offers up 27 apocalyptic visions and accompanying illustrations.  Each spread features a short story written by Michael Allen Rose with an original piece of art created for this book.

Appropriately released on December 31st 2022 at 11:55pm, this premium hardcover format is comprised of a gorgeous 8.5″ square design, 60 pages printed on 70lb crisp white paper, and colored text for each word of the primer.

I saw the last five minutes of the human race. A is for Apocalyptic – ash and ruin are a direct result from the onslaught of a nuclear fatality. B is for Baby – the struggle to escape death and endure havoc for a chance at survival. C is for Cage – an otherworldly evolution of the human race seized within a confined imprisonment. Welcome to your alphabetical guide to the apocalypse and the last 5 minutes of the human race.

Featuring the art of Jim Agpalza & the words of Michael Allen Rose, this inventive graphic novel has been forged by two extraordinary talents of the genre. Both minds have joined forces to escort the reader on their lettered journey through time, space, disease, and bizarre unseen forces. Shedding a radiant light on discomforting topics, these dark and twisted paths of humanity are cleverly explored with poetic creativity. Taboo subject matters are often visited as greed, sex and power remain a common denominator to the deterioration of society.

Michael Allen Rose – a walking life-form of pure artistic talent. Jim Agpalza – gifted with an eerie ability to illustrate the macabre. Published by Madness Heart Press, these two artists provide thought provoking ink stained pages that are both beautiful and terrifying. With the release date set for 5 minutes before midnight on December 31st, The Last 5 Minutes Of The Human Race is quickly approaching. Grab your copy before it’s too late.

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Book-Covers - Cover Michael Allen Rose Last 5 Minutes of the Human Race
The Last 5 Minutes of the Human Race by Michael Allen Rose and Jim Agpalza from Madness Heart Press

Jim Agpalza is an artist who resides in Portland, Oregon, with his wife, two kids, and two cats (one is a ghost). He spends most of his time making art, and in his spare time, he takes long walks on the beach and ends each walk with a cuddle with a boulder on the sand.

Michael Allen Rose is a writer, musician, and performer based in Chicago. He has published numerous books and short stories in the bizarro, horror, and comedy arenas, including Jurassichrist (Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing) which won the 2021 Wonderland Award for best bizarro novel. He also makes industrial music under the name Flood Damage. He loves cats and a good cup of tea. Find out more about his work at

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