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Jaded and adrift, a young painter in New York joins his fate to a mercurial titan of industry in the hopes of finding a new artistic form—and quite possibly a new life. Cutting-edge intoxicants, the vagaries of desire, and an obscure art magazine with unlimited ambitions collide on the ultimate stage, where only delusion can ease the chase of mystique. In an epic new novel ranging across acting, advertising, professional sports, and the city, Mark de Silva offers up a grand meditation on the bitter glories of 21st century being, the human impulse to search for something original in the cacophony of a continuously replicating world, and the self-revelations living in our perception of others. The Logos is a sweeping and intimate inquiry into all things New York, and now.

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The Logos by Mark de Silva

“In this provocative epic of ideas from de Silva…the result is an original, formidable portrayal of American commerce, where everything—including one’s vision—can be bought and sold.”

―Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“Mark de Silva is high among the remnant few whose writing still justifies the writing of novels. He has earned this distinction by treating the novel not as a form but as a formative laguaging of the world that spins and tilts beneath the reader.”

―Joshua Cohen, Pullitzer Prize winner and author of The Netanyahus

Mark de Silva is the author of the novels “Square Wave” (Two Dollar Radio, 2016) and “The Logos” (Clash Books [US] and Splice [UK], 2021), as well as the essay collection “Points of Attack” (Clash Books, 2020). He holds degrees in philosophy from Brown (AB) and Cambridge (PhD). After six years on the editorial staff of the New York Times, first with its opinion pages and then with its Sunday magazine, he is now the fiction editor of 3:AM Magazine.

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