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Available for Pre-Order: My Birth and Other Regrets

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Welcome to a world where the irrational and unexpected is just a way of life, and normality is reserved to be nothing more than a perpetuation of victimization… A House in the sky – Existence amongst human statues – A decomposing corpse in a water-cubed desert – Mysterious conversations with […]

Book-Headers - Header Ben Fitts Snailbutter

Out Now: Snailbutter

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A campy horror novel of regret, synchronously morphing into a monstrous, unexpected outcome. High school adolescence can be tough sometimes, especially if you’re hiding inside a snail shell refusing to come out, shelling out the world around you even your best friend. Snailbutter is a Bizarro punch of imagination packed […]

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How I Weird: Ben Fitts

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Point your guzzler to the sky, howl at the moon, and say his name thrice. That’s how one summons the spooky zinester from New York, Ben Fitts.  Either that or slide into his DM’s, all slick-like.  Ben might look sanitary from a safe distance, but believe me, he’s absolutely filthy. […]

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Flash Fiction Friday: Dollar Pizza

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by: Ben Fitts I was excited to be back in New York City. I had grown up there and always thought I would end up living my whole life in the city, but the four years I planned to spend in New England for college had into stretched nine and […]