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Tentacle Wrestling! Fuzzy Robots! Giant Flowers! Haunted Books! It’s all in the first episode of The Slow Poisoner Show, a fifteen-minute free streaming video that combines the creepiness of a late-night horror host with the kookiness of an early-morning kids’ show, plus a twist of anti-budget public access weirdness.

“Tentacle Spectacles” centers around a performance of the song “Rose (of the Tentacle Pages).”
This catchy number sports the chorus refrain “Mutant Sex Monsters, Rise Up and Take Over,” and serves as a homage to the Bizarro literary scene, including references to works by John Skipp, Kevin Donihe, David Barbee, and a whole lot of Carlton Mellick III.

The Slow Poisoner Show Episode 1: Tentacle Spectacles

The Slow Poisoner (alias Andrew Goldfarb) is an artist and musician based in San Francisco. Since 1996 he has performed six hundred shows all across America, in nightclubs, libraries, science fiction conventions, beauty parlors, donut shops, bowling alleys, park bandshells, and quite a few laundromats. Andrew is also a cartoonist whose work has been featured in MAD Magazine and he currently edits and publishes the magazine FREAKY.

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