Twisted Tuesdays: 80’s New Year Horror Double Feature!

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by Tracy Vanity What better way to celebrate another meaningless holiday than with some old school slasher films? Here are two horror classics that take place on New Year’s Eve: First up is the classic Terror Train. Starring scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis, this is a great film about a group […]

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The Tea House: Visualizing the Dream Part 1

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by Spike Marlowe Today is brought to you by hot salted caramel cider. We’re going to perform an exercise: Close your eyes and completely relax your body, from head to toe. Now, in your mind’s eye, visualize where you’d like to be in your artistic life one year from now. […]

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Weird Art Month: James Quigley – aka Gunsho

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by Sam Reeve James Quigley, born in 1974, is a self-taught artist who started his career at an early age doing album covers, gig posters and zine art for locals. Now he works with skateboard companies to produce insane deck art and t-shirts, and he created the artwork for an […]

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Show Me Your Shelves: Michael Allen Rose

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by Gabino Iglesias Who are you and what role do books play in your life? I am Michael Allen Rose, author, musician, and performance artist. I also make a mean baked Mac N’ Cheese. Books have been some of my best friends and means of seeing new worlds and perspectives […]

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Flash Fiction Friday: Pussy Ripper vs. Marv Molotov

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by Jeremy Maddux The Turbo Dome was filled to capacity with ravenous fans who’d scrapped and saved all year to witness the spectacle that was known as Trucks ‘N Guts ‘N Stuff. TGS was a lot like the Harlem Globetrotters or professional wrestling, only the violence was real, and people […]

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Weird Art Month: Dorian Cleavenger

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By Sam Reeve Whoah! December is almost over and then it’ll be 2014! Bizarro Central has some wonderful stuff in store, so stick around. Dorian Cleavenger is known for his surreal fantasy paintings that depict hot, albeit often weird-looking ladies. He started out doing freelance work, sometimes for large corporations […]

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Weird Art Month: Adalberto Abbate

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By Sam Reeve Sick of the holidays yet? I instantly regretted leaving my house today. People were assholes, especially on the road. I wanted to find something bloody and awful for today’s post, and Adalberto Abbate’s micro sculptures are perfect: little mini people suffering terribly or killing each other! Adalberto […]

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Unearthly Sounds Volume 6: Interview with Flood Damage

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By J. W. Wargo “Industrial rock with a black sense of humor, burlesque and machine rock fusion, experiments in sound and fury.” –Flood Damage Facebook Page (This edition of Unearthly Sounds highlights a writer from within the Bizarro Community who also happens to be a kick-ass noisemaker, Michael Allen Rose. […]

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Dilation Exercise 94

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Below you’ll find Alan M. Clark’s weekly Dilation Exercise. Since this week’s workout is so close to the holidays, Robert Devereaux was asked to lead the exercise with material inspired by his series, The Santa Claus Chronicles. Using the cover artwork for the existing three novels as inspiration, he has […]

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The Tea House: My Life As a Writer – Marathon Writing and Saving Your Work

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By Daniel Vlasaty Today is brought to you by Goose Island 312. I wrote a book! And that is awesome. It’s called The Church of TV as God and it’s probably the most awesome thing I’ve ever done, aside from maybe marrying my wife … or deciding to grow a […]

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Weird Art Month: Adrian Borda

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By Sam Reeve Adrian Borda’s art is kinda a mixed bag. There’s some beautiful fantasy stuff that’s nice and all, but the real gold is the terrifying and surreal subjects with huge lips à la Jackie Stallone. Seriously, this is what nightmares are made of. Visit Adrian’s website here to […]

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Weird Art Month: Saccstry

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By Sam Reeve Happy winter solstice! From now on the days will only get longer, so thank goodness for that. Today’s artist, known as Saccstry, specializes in creating terrifying, grotesque, and adorable little girls. I’m normally not a huge fan of digital art, but I just can’t look away. If […]

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Flash Fiction Friday: The Reindeer in the Wall

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by David Anderson “Christmaseo Ego Resuscitabo Deus,” read Hector from the rotting tome, worms wiggling in and out of its brown carcass. It seemed more like the road kill he saw on Brazil’s Camino A Las Tierras Altas, the road to the highlands that leads out of the recessed jungle […]

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Weird Art Month: Craig LaRotonda

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By Sam Reeve Craig LaRotonda, born and raised in Buffalo, New York, has had quite a successful career so far. His art has appeared in mainstream media like the New York Times, The Washington Post, and even in award-winning movies like Traffic. The influence of the renaissance is unmistakable in […]

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The Tea House: On Calling Yourself a Writer

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By Amanda Billings Authors:· Have published novels, story collections, memoirs, and/or poetry collections· Have made significant money off of said publications· Are widely read and recognized as pillars of artistic brilliance· Do not have any other type of employment, as they author full-time Writers:· Are, at best, romantic starving figures […]

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Weird Art Month: Julie Moon

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By Sam Reeve Toronto-born Julie Moon has exhibited her strange sculptures around the world, but most recently in Philadelphia where she currently resides. Her playful and strange pieces typically feature flowers and elements of the human body. Visit her website here to see more of her work, or check out […]

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Flash Fiction Friday: The Jeremiah Tree

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by Constance Ann Fitzgerald Asleep in my bed, the sound of the front door latching shut woke me. I lay there, staring off into the shadows that were fractioned by the slits of light cast by the blinds. Then came a rustling sound, like that of a long exasperated breeze […]

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Weird Art Month: Laurie Lipton

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By Sam Reeve Skeletons and skulls frequently appear in New York-born Laurie Lipton’s work, as does strange machinery and too many circuit boards. Her finely detailed charcoal and pencil drawings have made their rounds in Internetland, so you’ve probably seen her work at some point. They’re strange and beautiful and […]

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A Letter from Saint Nick

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My darling children, and the thoroughly compromised grown-ups you seem inevitably fated to become: For close to twenty years, some joker named Robert Devereaux has been chronicling my life. There were things he stretched, but mainly he told the truth. Lately, he’s gone into my attempt to fix the horrendously […]