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New Bizarro Author Series Review #30: The Church of TV as God by Daniel Vlasaty

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by J.W. Wargo Id Says:HOOOOLLLLLLYYYYYY EMERGENCY BROADCASTING SYSTEM!!!! Everyone knows TV addicts are out there, but fucking television cultists praying in a house of screens? And now their zealous boob-tube leader thinks he’s found their savior. Oh, great are the cable channel deity motherfuckers! This cathode-ray of sunshine doesn’t know […]

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Flash Fiction Friday: You Are Human, You Tell Yourself

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by Daniel Vlasaty A crowd gathers outside the zebra habitat. You can’t see what they are all looking at from where you’re standing, but people in the crowd keep gasping and quietly screaming. You think it is probably some disaster, a death or an injury. But they don’t seem panicked […]

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The Tea House: My Life As a Writer – Marathon Writing and Saving Your Work

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By Daniel Vlasaty Today is brought to you by Goose Island 312. I wrote a book! And that is awesome. It’s called The Church of TV as God and it’s probably the most awesome thing I’ve ever done, aside from maybe marrying my wife … or deciding to grow a […]