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By Sam Reeve

So how have you all been handling the year’s blackest month thus far? Since I don’t celebrate xmas and don’t live with anyone, I’ve been handling it rather well, mostly, though I do have to hear the music when I go grocery shopping. Grinchyness aside, it still is the blackest month of the year what with no sun and all. Weird art therapy is what good Doctor Sam prescribes, and if you’ve missed any of this month’s posts you can scroll through all of them by clicking the little blue link below that says “weird art month” or “weird art”.

Today I bring you Kristofer Porter, a California-born illustrator and painter who now resides in Brooklyn. Some of his drawings are so detailed it makes my head swim just thinking about the time he must’ve spent on them. The majority of Porter’s work is strictly black and white, but he’s still a skilled man when he decides to work with colour. If the sample below doesn’t satiate your appetite for the weird, check out his tumblr here.

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