Flash-Fiction-Friday - FF-Amnesia-Bug-credit-Paul-van-de-Velde

Flash Fiction Friday: Amnesia Bug

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by Jeremy Maddux It was about midday when all the commotion started out on Brightway Boulevard. A man in pinstripe business attire was coming back from lunch with the routine sugar buzz of his franchised coffee kicking in when he noticed something on the ground. He went to his knees […]

Flash-Fiction-Friday - FF-Pussy-Ripper-vs.-Marv-Molotov

Flash Fiction Friday: Pussy Ripper vs. Marv Molotov

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by Jeremy Maddux The Turbo Dome was filled to capacity with ravenous fans who’d scrapped and saved all year to witness the spectacle that was known as Trucks ‘N Guts ‘N Stuff. TGS was a lot like the Harlem Globetrotters or professional wrestling, only the violence was real, and people […]