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Free Preview! Robert Devereaux’s God and Santa Claus Trump Trump

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Robert Devereaux’s latest mash up of eros and thanos has arrived! This time, Devereaux’s Rated-R Santa Claus is joined by the leader of the free world and the ruler of the universe. He was kind enough to let Bizarro Central sample the first few chapters of God and Santa Claus […]

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FictionUltra David Vs. Mecha-Goliath by Michael Allen RoseDieselpig by Garrett CookViolins for Sale by Scott ColeThe Slobbering Tongue That Ate The Frightfully Huge Woman by Robert DevereauxThe Corpsefucker Blues by Ryan Harding ComicsOgner Stump’s One Thousand Sorrows by Andrew GoldfarbWild Bushpig Grrrls by S.C.A.R. NonfictionHead Humping and Tentacle Fucking:  Author […]

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Dilation Exercise 94

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Below you’ll find Alan M. Clark’s weekly Dilation Exercise. Since this week’s workout is so close to the holidays, Robert Devereaux was asked to lead the exercise with material inspired by his series, The Santa Claus Chronicles. Using the cover artwork for the existing three novels as inspiration, he has […]

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A Letter from Saint Nick

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My darling children, and the thoroughly compromised grown-ups you seem inevitably fated to become: For close to twenty years, some joker named Robert Devereaux has been chronicling my life. There were things he stretched, but mainly he told the truth. Lately, he’s gone into my attempt to fix the horrendously […]