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New Release: Jurassichrist

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It’s time for Jesus to attempt his second coming, but linear time progression doesn’t apply to extra-spatial deities, so he ends up coming “again” long before the first time – the Jurassic period. Once he arrives, expecting to see a bunch of human beings who’ve been waiting for him for […]

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Show Me Your Shelves: Michael Allen Rose

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by Gabino Iglesias Who are you and what role do books play in your life? I am Michael Allen Rose, author, musician, and performance artist. I also make a mean baked Mac N’ Cheese. Books have been some of my best friends and means of seeing new worlds and perspectives […]

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Unearthly Sounds Volume 6: Interview with Flood Damage

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By J. W. Wargo “Industrial rock with a black sense of humor, burlesque and machine rock fusion, experiments in sound and fury.” –Flood Damage Facebook Page (This edition of Unearthly Sounds highlights a writer from within the Bizarro Community who also happens to be a kick-ass noisemaker, Michael Allen Rose. […]