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New Release: Slices: Tales of Bizarro and Absurdist Horror

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Are you hungry for something different? Something weird? Horrific? Funny? Uncomfortable? Surreal? Try a slice. A man opens his door to a most unusual salesman, whose wares are not quite what they seem… A writer on a retreat discovers a talking insect, and a tree bearing fruit that looks just like […]

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Show Me Your Shelves: Scott Cole

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by Gabino Iglesias I met Scott Cole online a few years ago and then had a chance to hang out with him at BizarroCon. He likes talking books and movies, so we got along splendidly. He’s an easy guy to get along with and one someone whose passion for weird […]

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Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: The NBAS

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Garrett Cook Seasons greetings to all. And a Happy Holidays. And…. It seems the holidays are upon us. Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Black Friday, Hawkman’s birthday, Take Your Lion to Work Day…. At any rate, the gift giving holidays are upon us. We in the Bizarro community know that this is the […]

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by Jeff Burk “BIZARRO ACROSS AMERICA” PROGRESSIVE BOOK TOUR BRINGS STRANGE NEW VOICES TO THE EAST COAST! In September 2014, the writers, artists and co-conspirators of the Bizarro genre are coming to Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York, to spread the gospel of Bizarro Fiction to new audiences and die-hard […]

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Flash Fiction Friday: Drive

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by Scott Cole The crashed car undid itself. Twisted metal unfolded, jagged edges smoothed, bent lines straightened. Patches of rust effervesced into the air and disappeared. I reached for the driver’s side door handle, now shiny-new, and pulled. I sank down into the bucket seat, which seemed to somehow sit […]

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FictionUltra David Vs. Mecha-Goliath by Michael Allen RoseDieselpig by Garrett CookViolins for Sale by Scott ColeThe Slobbering Tongue That Ate The Frightfully Huge Woman by Robert DevereauxThe Corpsefucker Blues by Ryan Harding ComicsOgner Stump’s One Thousand Sorrows by Andrew GoldfarbWild Bushpig Grrrls by S.C.A.R. NonfictionHead Humping and Tentacle Fucking:  Author […]