New Release: The Long Night of the Eternal Korean War

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“Syntactically immaculate.” – Jeremy Robert Johnson, Author of Skullcrack City The Korean War. It lasted three years. Or it never ended. Probably one of those. Maybe it ran as long as the ratings were high. Monroe’s an army doctor who just wants to know what’s going on: why the days […]

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Heart of the Original: Originality, Creativity, Individuality by Steve Aylett

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review by G. Arthur Brown In order to understand The Heart of the Original, we must first attempt to understand its author, Steve Aylett, but we find this is impossible for several reasons. Aylett is almost as mysterious as he is brilliant. Great portions of his history have been erased […]

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Flash Fiction Friday: A Phone Call from Ionesco

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by G. Arthur Brown ACT I (An average family American 1960 sits at an average family table for an average dinner. Eugene Ionesco is not among them. FATHER sits at one side of the table dressed like an American father 1960. MOTHER sits at another side of the table dressed […]

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by Jeff Burk “BIZARRO ACROSS AMERICA” PROGRESSIVE BOOK TOUR BRINGS STRANGE NEW VOICES TO THE EAST COAST! In September 2014, the writers, artists and co-conspirators of the Bizarro genre are coming to Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York, to spread the gospel of Bizarro Fiction to new audiences and die-hard […]