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A Talking Eyeball Walks into a Bar: An Introduction to Bizarro Fiction

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Bradley Sands is teaching an online class on writing bizarro fiction. It’s for a new lit site called Lit Demon. In this workshop you will learn to write high-concept bizarro while concentrating on the absurd and the surreal. You will discover what “high concept” means and learn what appeals to bizarro readers. We […]

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Flash Fiction Friday: The Sexy Cortical

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by Andy de Fonseca It took several seconds for his eyes to adjust to the dim, reddish light that pulsated through the mixture of cigarette smoke and dry-ice mist wafting throughout the room. In the absence of one large stage there were several cages placed about; chairs circled them, occupied […]

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The Tea House: Andy de Fonseca

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Guest Post by Andy de Fonseca Today is brought to you by water. Plain, boring, ever-so-wishing it were something more, water. I realize how dull water will seem to everyone. How bland, how unimpressive, how… not special it is. And that’s where my article begins. Does every kid go through […]

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New Bizarro Author Series #26: The Cheat Code for God Mode by Andy de Fonseca

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by J.W. Wargo (NOTE: After reading the title of this post, you might be asking yourself, “HEY! Where’s the 25 NBAS book reviews that came before this one??” If you are interested in reading my reviews of all the previous books in this series (including a review of my own […]