“Syntactically immaculate.” – Jeremy Robert Johnson, Author of Skullcrack City

The Long Night of the Eternal Korean War by G Arthur Brown

The Korean War. It lasted three years. Or it never ended. Probably one of those. Maybe it ran as long as the ratings were high. Monroe’s an army doctor who just wants to know what’s going on: why the days seem to repeat, why his C.O. is mentioning the VC in 1951, why his houseboy is a kimchee zombie, why there’s a parasitic mollusk up his nose. His compatriots Trip and Lee are no help, when one seems psychopathic and the other becomes convinced he doesn’t really exist. In fact, there’s something wrong with Monroe’s entire world and only a trip into the art-obsessed mind of God can provide any answers. If God forgets the plot, who is left to make sure the story has an end?

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