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Lost Letters to a Lover’s Carcass is an infected wound where puss seeps out between sutures. As a “spiritual sequel” to Cries to Kill the Corpse Flower, this collection is partly blind pining for dead, false love once given by a monster that even dark magic cannot resurrect. It is the metaphorical justice wrought unto a traitor hanged, drawn, and quartered through its words. And it is, finally, the realization of a new dawn, where sunlight opens the eyes to a wider world.

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Lost Letters to a Lover’s Carcass by Ronald J. Murray


I felt you leave my body,

Sucked out through my mouth—

A mist passed through my lips,

A cloud of vapor slinking out;

A ghost to squeeze my wrist,

At my side through lonely hours

And every sneaking midnight tryst,

Where shreds of shrieking souls devour

Hearts that beat weak, arrhythmic,

In palms of love that’s rotten sour.

You’re acrid tastes on tongue’s split tip,

A scent to leave the night deflowered.

Ronald J. Murray’s second dark poetry collection is a diatribe hurled against abusers—an act of war against those who thrive on the suffering of others. It is a personal look at the process of a man rediscovering his self-worth once defined by the iron fist control of another, once wrongly trusted. It is the escape from horrors designed by miserable creatures to keep you on their level toward self-appreciation and the true appreciation of those who matter.

Where once a heartless wretch was permitted to roam free to cause destruction unhindered, the hot winds of Hell have found the psychic vampire to swallow them with the gaping mouth of Satan.

Bring them to the Adamantine Gates, behind which a Lex Talionis justice awaits.

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