Flash-Fiction-Friday - FF-I-Like-Your-Attitude

Flash Fiction Friday: I Like Your Attitude

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by Ross Peterson The asphalt was hotter than the charcoal in Satan’s Weber. On the rumblestrip, gray fragments of Jared’s sundered brain crawled toward one another, reassembling. Little particles of him lay littered across the highway, speckled over the swath of brown roadside grass. Once his brain had put itself […]

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Eraserhead Press Summer ’16 Releases

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It’s summertime, and Eraserhead Press has released three new books to make your beach reading as weird as possible. EVERY TIME WE MEET AT THE DAIRY QUEEN, YOUR WHOLE FUCKING FACE EXPLODES Known for his cute, disturbing, and utterly absurd novels, cult author Carlton Mellick III returns with a tale […]

Flash-Fiction-Friday - FF-Gondwana-Fragmenting

Flash Fiction Friday: Gondwana Fragmenting

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by Nimrod Tzarking The furry morsels feast on our clutches. And we are dying. A star burns in the sky. Every day it hurtles closer. And we are dying. The continent shatters beneath our feet. Talons scrape at splintering fault lines. Ferns drift imperceptibly apart, gravel shifting between them. And […]

Flash-Fiction-Friday - FF-No-Encore

Flash Fiction Friday: No Encore

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by D.M. Anderson Donald sneezed his brain all over the audience, his head emptying like an accordion until there was little left but a pancaked face sitting deflated atop a quivering neck. The deafening applause of the gore-splattered audience’s adoration thundered into a crescendo that would surely echo across the […]

Weird Movie Watch: Yakuza Apocalypse

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If you’ve been around the bizarro genre long enough, then you know that Takashi Miike is one of our patron saints. Miike has made a ton of different movies but he’s never afraid to unleash mass cinematic insanity, whether it’s a horror film, a samurai film, or even children’s movies. His latest is […]

Flash-Fiction-Friday - FF-The-Short-Unhappy-Life-of-a-Neon-Bar-Sign

Flash Fiction Friday: The Short Unhappy Life of a Neon Bar Sign

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by Cornell R. Nichols Night 1Hanging. Glowing.Hanging. Glowing.Hanging. Glowing.Waiting for dawn. Night 2Hanging. Glowing.Hanging. Glowing.Hanging. Glowing.Attracting moths. Night 3Hanging. Glowing.The layer of dead moths caking my tubes has darkened one of my letters. It’s a complete disaster.I start to blink an S.O.S.I realize there is no O in the name […]

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Wonderland Book Award Preliminary Voting Begins Now!

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Voting for the Wonderland Book Award preliminary ballot begins now for the Best Bizarro Novel and Best Bizarro Collection of 2015. Please send your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place votes in the Novel and Collection categories to bizarrocon@gmail.com with the subject line “Wonderland Book Award Preliminary Ballot.” Preliminary voting ends […]