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Flash Fiction Friday: The Drone Infant

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by: Zoltán Komor My wife wants a baby, but I’d prefer a remote control drone with HD Wi-Fi camera, so I figure out an intermediate solution: I’ll knock up my wife, let her give birth to the child, and after a couple of weeks, when she gets bored with this […]

Flash-Fiction-Friday - FF-Three-Shorts-from-Mario-Z.-Nemes

Flash Fiction Friday: Three Shorts from Márió Z. Nemes

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by Márió Z. Nemes. Translated by Zoltán Komor Red Water In the village of the dwarfs everyone’s about four inches long. They shoot the ones who grow taller, keeping a gun around just for this purpose. The dwarfs call it Mother’s anger, but they also like to use the saw. […]

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Flash Fiction Friday: 3 Shorts by Zoltán Komor

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by Zoltán Komor Spell of the Game I witness a pervert insulting a young girl on the bus. Opening his long, black trench coat, he shows the girl the Rubik’s Cube between his hairy legs. “Solve it, you little bitch!” he hisses at her. The girl takes it as a […]