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Welcome to Cerealand! A place where adults can relive their childhood desires while indulging in their most perverted fantasies! Our rides are x-rated, our cereal is alcoholic and our mascots aren’t just people in suits – they are genetically mutated and reshaped into your favorite cereal mascots! Isn’t that amazing!? At Cerealand, we are committed to making your experience as nostalgically hedonistic as possible!

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Snap! Crackle! Fuck You! by Simon Oré Molina

Something is rotten in Cereal Land and it’s not just the rancid milk fountains. Things have been going downhill at the Amusement Park ever since the three daughters of Captain Crunch took over. Rides have been breaking down, attendance is low, and strange new mascots are showing up in the park. None of this would bother Lucky the Leprechaun so much, except for the fact that he thinks something might have happened to his ex-girlfriend who’s gone missing. Something to do with all the strange businessmen that have been wandering the park lately. Something to do with the Security Soggies showing up in strange places. Teaming up with Sugar Bear, a leather daddy who helped design the park with Captain Crunch, Lucky hits the back alleys of Cerealand, forcing himself to confront his own demons and past as he ventures deeper into the milky mystery surrounding the disappearance of the Toucan Sam he once loved.

Snap! Crackle! Fuck You! is part of a complete breakfast.

Simon Oré Molina is an imaginary friend for hire and a lover of snacks. Born in Montreal, Canada to a Moroccan father and Mexican mother, (he’s a MoroCanexican) he now lives in Los Angeles, CA where he works as head of development at Starburns Industries, an animation studio in Burbank. He is also the founder of SBI Press, where he has produced over 20 Albums on limited edition cassette tape (including Dan Harmon’s Rap Album, Angelyne’s Meditation Tape “Cosmic Gods”, Chuck Tingle’s “Guide to the Tingleverse Museum” and “Rosetta Stone for Cats”) and edited graphic novels books such as “Trent “by Dino Stamatopoulos and “The Crawling King” by Einar Baldvin. He co-hosts Saturday Morning Cartoons, an animation mix tape show that plays monthly at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater in Los Angeles as well as is the co-founder of El Cine, a nonprofit organization that promotes diversity in the arts and has screenings of LatinX films with their creators. He is left-handed and therefore should be considered sinister.

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