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New from Grindhouse Press is Bryan Smith’s follow-up to The Unseen, we once again follow Allison Cook and her continued unraveling.

Six months after losing everything that once mattered to her, Allison Cook’s life is mired in a grim downward spiral. The otherworldly entity known only as The Visitor still haunts her, feeding on her emotions and desires, leading her to the brink of madness and despair. In the beginning, the creature’s impossible gifts from other realms made the erosion of her humanity an acceptable sacrifice, but now they’re no longer enough. The all-consuming darkness growing within her becomes too much to bear, and she begins to yearn for a restoration of what was lost.

Unfortunately, granting this wish only leads her down even darker and stranger paths from which she may never return.

Deeper than ever into…THE UNSEEN.

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The Unseen II by Bryan Smith

Grab The Unseen direct from Grindhouse Press,, or Amazon, and The Unseen II from Grindhouse Press, or Amazon.

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