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How I Weird: David W Barbee

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Today we get the very special privilege of talking to not only the Editor-In-Cheef of BizarroCentral.Com, not only one of the great bizarro authors of our time, not only the Grandmaster Toad-Licker himself, but the man who was just this morning crowned THE SEXIEST MAN IN FRANCE 2019. And he’s […]

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Bizarro Summer Reading: Laser House on the Prairie

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Wherein Bizarro Central takes a wide-ranging look at all the weird books coming out this summer… “David W Barbee is a genre of one, much like Joe R. Lansdale, Weston Ochse, and Elmore Leonard. Possessing a strong, unique voice that blends the best elements of bizarro, horror, action, and humor, […]

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Eraserhead Press 2018 Preorders

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Eraserhead Press’ publishing schedule will see a new bizarro book available at the start of every month. But right now, a few of them are available for preorder! Any of these books would be a wise use of your Christmas money. The first is Jimbo Yojimbo, a redneck samurai epic […]

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Eraserhead Press & Lazy Fascist Releases: Fall 2016

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Take a look at all the weird books available this fall! There are three releases from Lazy Fascist Press… “[Takes] you on a slow descent into madness.” –SF Signal “Begins strange and gets quite a bit stranger.” –Innsmouth Free Press “Rumbullion has moments of hilarity, ridiculousness, and mystery aplenty.” –The […]