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Today we get the very special privilege of talking to not only the Editor-In-Cheef of BizarroCentral.Com, not only one of the great bizarro authors of our time, not only the Grandmaster Toad-Licker himself, but the man who was just this morning crowned THE SEXIEST MAN IN FRANCE 2019.

And he’s not even in France!

Imagine that!?

So light up a cigarillo and doff your croissant to the great Mr Barbee himself.

WHO –  David W. Barbee

WHAT –  Weird, nerdy, violent, sexy, entertaining stories. My latest works include the novella Laser House on the Prairie from Excession Press and “Snakes in her Head”, a story in Death’s Head Press’ Breaking Bizarro anthology.

WHERE –  The South. Dirtiest part of the compass.

NOTABLE WORK – A Town Called Suckhole, my post-apocalyptic redneck detective yarn.

WHAT DO YOU WRITE WITH – My brain and my laptop, though I take a lot of notes with pen and paper.


Or… multi-dude-ness. Amiright?


WHAT WAS YOUR INTRODUCTION TO BIZARRO – A trifecta of Satan Burger by Carlton Mellick, Dr. Identity by D. Harlan Wilson, and Everybody Scream! by Jeffrey Thomas. All three of those are very science fiction-based, and incredibly vibrant.

HOW DO YOU RECHARGE – Recharging is quite impossible. I have but a finite amount of charge which has been with me since birth, slowly leaking out with my every thought and activity. One day the charge will fully dissipate and I will either crumble into dust or transcend into a state more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS – Nicholas Day, that smart motherfucker.

I hope you enjoyed your time with David W. Barbee, because now he must be hermetically sealed, vacuum-packed to preserve maximum sexiness, ready to be placed on a shelf with the previous SEXIEST MAN IN FRANCE winners, locked away on a dusty old shelf. Soundproofed, of course. Because the screams deflate the souffle’s.

Pay your respects by checking out David’s website, books, and follow him on Twitter.

Until next time…


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