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Weird Art Month: Laurie Lipton

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By Sam Reeve Skeletons and skulls frequently appear in New York-born Laurie Lipton’s work, as does strange machinery and too many circuit boards. Her finely detailed charcoal and pencil drawings have made their rounds in Internetland, so you’ve probably seen her work at some point. They’re strange and beautiful and […]

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Weird Art Month: Cahill Wessel

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By Sam Reeve San Francisco Bay artist Cahill Wessel plays around with pop culture in surreal and hilarious ways, giving you everything you’d ever hoped to see. Hover over the pictures (or click through the gallery) to view the titles of each piece – they’re almost as golden as the […]

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Weird Art Month: Jessica Joslin

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By Sam Reeve When I stumbled upon Jessica Joslin’s work I was not only stunned by its beauty and detail, but by the sheer amount of it. She’s already got over 200 of these sculptures to her name, and her menagerie of brass and bone only keeps growing. She gives […]

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By Sam Reeve Mysterious New York-based illustrator SCARECROWOVEN is a fan of gore, guts, and oozing appendages. His gnarled creatures take a cue from ‘comic books, sci-fi and horror movies and all the illustration that came out of the skateboard world in the 80’s.’ He describes himself as an alien […]

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Weird Art Month: Agostino Arrivabene

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by Sam Reeve Agostino Arrivabene’s paintings look like relics from some kind of nuclear wasteland, warped by time and radiation, but really the dude’s just talented as hell and often paints on wood instead of canvas. He lives near Milan, Italy, and lives like a hermit with just his dog […]

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Weird Art Month: Jim Tozzi

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by Sam Reeve Jim Tozzi of the band/art collective PFFR totally rules! You may not be familiar with his art, but maybe you’ve seen the ultra bizarro animated show Xavier: Renegade Angel? If you haven’t, check out the episode below. It’s quite a trip. PFFR created the show, whose main […]