Visual-Art - Weird-Art-Month-Cahill-Wessel-10
By Sam Reeve

San Francisco Bay artist Cahill Wessel plays around with pop culture in surreal and hilarious ways, giving you everything you’d ever hoped to see. Hover over the pictures (or click through the gallery) to view the titles of each piece – they’re almost as golden as the pieces themselves.

Also on his website are some celebrity collages with accompanying fanfiction. Here’s my favourite:

Visual-Art - Weird-Art-Month-Cahill-Wessel-10
Fanfiction Miley by Cahill Wessel

“Deep in the jungle that is New York’s Fashion Week, Miley Cyrus showcases her tribal styles for Gotham’s harshest critics. Kanye hid deep inside Miley’s uterus, and a disappointed crowd gasped in horror as he emerged stoned, wet, and lonely.”

– Cahill Wessel

See more of his celebrity fanfiction here.

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