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Ghoulish Books, an imprint of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, seeks submissions from transgender and non-binary identifying authors for their first anthology project.

Hello, my name is Lor Gislason (they/them) and I will be the editor of BOUND IN FLESH. Body horror has been a part of my life for many years, in one way or another; From cartoons that stretch and twist characters, to personal favourites like Hellraiser and Possessor that push the human form beyond what is imaginable. While being uncomfortable with your body is not the case for all trans and NB folks, it is very common–hence why I think the genre draws so many of us to it. The cathartic nature of horror is the connective tissue that brings us together. I want to give other trans and NB authors the chance to showcase their work in a genre that so often is cis-centric, to tell their own stories and reaffirm that trans writers belong in horror.

PMMP Call for Submissions page

New writers are encouraged to submit! Submission must be BODY HORROR, however you define that. Stories relating body dysphoria to horror are fine but get creative with it! We’d also like to see funny, silly, wacky body horror. Please include a small bio with your submission, along with any relevant info.

Payment: $0.05 per word
Deadline: July 31st
Word count: 3k-5k
Multiple submissions: No more than 2 stories per author
Simultaneous submissions: Yes
Reprints: No

Please submit all stories to with [STORY TITLE]_[LAST NAME]_[WORD COUNT] in the subject line.

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