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A campy horror novel of regret, synchronously morphing into a monstrous, unexpected outcome. High school adolescence can be tough sometimes, especially if you’re hiding inside a snail shell refusing to come out, shelling out the world around you even your best friend. Snailbutter is a Bizarro punch of imagination packed with evil genetically-modified animals, sexy robots, Nazi scientists, cannibal lovers, cute British girls from other dimensions, and much more.

What will become of Brian while he is inside the giant snail shell?

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Snailbutter by Ben Fitts

Sometimes all you need is a little butter to get you to slip out of your shell. Ben Fitts SNAILBUTTER is an odd sort of coming-of-age tale about monsters. The monster monsters and the people monsters. This is a bona fide bizarro story that wields the weird in the best possible ways.

SNAILBUTTER is strange fun without going off the rails. I think many who aren’t initiated into full on bizarro or weird fiction can wrap their heads around this one and use it a primer for even more bonkers reading. Ben Fitts, who writes comfortably in the short story arena, demonstrates his keen ability to tell more robust story without losing his own voice/charm.

SNAILBUTTER is a great read for teens to old-ass English Queens (thought I would balk at labeling it YA.) One part coming-of-age, one part after-school special and one part Frankenstein; shaken and stirred with Fitts wild brand of storytelling delivers this lovable classic for the insane.

Frank J. Edler, from Goodreads

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