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It’s that time in a book’s life when its author goes internet-spelunking for Amazon reviews…

Post your Amazon review for NOW THAT WE’RE ALONE, and then link your review in the replies for this comment. Send me a note in Facebook Messenger (or your social media of choice) letting me know which free bundle you’d like from the photo below (each bundle will include a signed copy of my novella, NECROSAURUS REX).

This is first-come, first-served and there are ONLY six bundles:

  1. 3 bundles of Love For Slaughter/The Mortuary Monster/Cattle Cult Kill Kill/Necrosaurus Rex
  2. 2 bundles of Beer Run of the Dead/Bad Hotel/Laugier’s MARTYRS: a personal essay/Bunel’s THE EXTERMINATING ANGEL: a personal essay/Liquid Status/Necrosaurus Rex
  3. 1 bundle of Beer Run of the Dead/Bad Hotel/King Dollar/NoFace/Love For Slaughter/Liquid Status/Necrosaurus Rex

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