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Tomorrow is the Inauguration of the 45th President of the USA, a man who is universally reviled as a reality TV star, philanderer, crook, and just plain terrible human being. Donald Trump is a lethal mixture of everything loathsome in modern society, and he’s about to become the world’s most powerful man. We here at Bizarro Central can’t help but laugh as we weep. We also can’t help but make weird art out of this weird moment in history, so without further ado, we’d like to share some of the creations of artists in the Bizarro scene who have taken it upon themselves to present Donald Trump as they truly see him. First is a video by Andrew Goldfarb, the Slow Poisoner:

Now, a series of portraits by Jim Agpalza.

And there will be plenty more art coming out of the bizarro community. We’re all heading into a new and strange era, but whatever the future holds, it’s not as weird as we are.

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