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In five unique and bizarre tales Katy Michelle Quinn (Girl in the Walls), Charles Austin Muir (Slippery When Metastasized), Jo Quenell (The Mud Ballad), Brendan Vidito (Nightmares in Ecstasy), and Sam Richard (Sabbath of the Fox-Devils) each bring you their own disturbing vision of what lurks in the darkness of your local movie theater. Presented by Weird Punk Books.

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Cinema Viscera: An Anthology of Movie Theater Horror

Not gonna lie, this shit is a lot darker than we thought it would be. Make sure to grab some popcorn…

I’m sad but also disturbed! Dark shit oozes up from the celluloid in this collection. Probably shouldn’t have read it before bed.

Jonah Barrett, author of Moss Covered Claws

Remember: it’s just a movie. All hail the view flesh! One of the best and most moving horror anthologies I’ve ever read. […] Every story is excellent, and the whole is even greater than the sum of its parts. Highly recommended, and please do check out the helpful content warnings at the back because this is one of the most brutal books I’ve come across.

Rain Corbyn, author of Honest*

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